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Chill and smoke tonight

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Girls just wanna have fun I'd like to go out and have a good time this weekend.

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She is definitely chill; I'd like to be with. Chill unknown.

A term often used by males to manipulate a female into hanging out with him when his real intention is to have sex with. Also a code word for sex.

Commonly used when a female gives a male her number and when he calls her, asks her to chill with him without knowing much about her yet which shows his true intentions is to really have sex.

I got a man.

What does he got to do toight me? I'm chill on that 4 smoking pot i. Want to iceskate? Want to get wasted tonight?

The state of being surprisingly content with or in chill and smoke tonight unfamiliar circumstance. This isn't what Tonjght might have done, but surprisingly I'm very content right. We both just decided to sit down and do nothing, which is something neither of us normally do -- and we are very content.

Chill is in opposition to rowdiness, exciting activity, and stress 2. A verb used as a command or request that situations or individuals become relaxed, calm, and content.

It was pretty chill. We sat around and watched a movie while we drank some goose and smoked some herb.

Chill son! Take a shot of this goose and a hit of this herb. A word meaning cool or nice.

Usually said when someone is happy about something chill and smoke tonight said in a relaxing manner. Usually said in an Irish accent. When people say this it is not usually just said once but is said for days on end, and becomes annoying.

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